Oceans of Awareness

Hi! Hola, Hello, hallo, Yiasou!

I am a woman of the sea and a captain sailor, coach and counselor, and holistic energy frequency facilitator.

Combining my talents and acquired skills, I host unique transformational sailing retreats.

I live as a sovereign nomad mostly on the water, sometimes on land for a while.  I have traveled to many places by air, land, and sea visiting the most tranquil places to sometimes reside for some time. I created some wonderful adventures in my life.

I have become a strong believer in the 'power within'. Once it became clear to me that we create our lives from the inside outward and not from the triggers from the outside inward, my whole perception and "belief" made a strong run for the better.

Since 2008, I have been passionate about consciously clearing the stuckness that works as limitations to creating new things in our lives. Letting go creates the space from where new manifestations can sprout. It changed my life with unexpected shifts that seemed magical.

When I tell you what became possible, it will seem unbelievable. It even sounds crazy to me hearing myself say it.  And yet it's true, it's about facts that can be checked and cannot be denied.


Capitana Mika


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